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Hello! I'm a uni student that is probably unsurprisingly studying computer science.

I'm pretty terrible at writing about myself, but the most important part is that I'm a huge nerd. It's bad. We're talking "I try to talk to people IRL about Linux" bad. I learned how to print when I was two years old, and it was a downwards spiral from there.

Besides that, I'm into J-fashion, writing, reading, gaming, and manga (a list of my favorite mangas can be found here). I have lots of little interests that last for about two weeks and then go away into the void too, like any other disorganized person.

If you want to talk at all, add me on Fedi at cyuu@fedi.cyuucat.moe or on XMPP at cyuucat@trashserver.net. If you like email, you can email me at cyuucat@protonmail.com! I am willing to talk on Discord, but I'd rather not unless it's your only option - if you want to, please ask for my Discord tag using another way. Don't worry if you're shy, because I'm shy as hell too.

BTW, I use Arch

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