I made a new button, a new site page, and a css file for a site that will never grow or be updated (hypothetically). to make sure that this effort is not wasted, I feel obligated to write something.

*deep inhale*



I boil them, of course. I can't screw that up. I like firm yolks. I peel the eggs like normal, and then the fun starts. I tear the egg into two halves with my bare hands, but not vertically, like you're apparently supposed to. I do it horizonally, and get two uneven halves.

I don't like firm yolks because they taste good. I like them because they're easier to get out of the egg. that's what I do next. straight into the trash they go, unless a willing yolk-eater happens to be nearby. despite the firm yolk, though, there are ALWAYS traces left on the egg, which means my next step is to wash the egg whites! the temperature of the water doesn't matter. I do not dry the eggs very well afterwards.

after the egg whites have been cleaned of their disgusting insides, I put some salt on them. I usually mess up, and oversalt it, which is fine.

finally. the egg whites are ready for consumption. I eat both halves separately. since I don't dry them well, the water mixes with the salt, creating salt water, which is my seasoning while I eat the egg.

this is the only good way to eat hard boiled eggs.

thank you for reading my confession.

take me back. please.->