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Hi. I dreamed of having a personal website for ages, so I made one. I worked very hard on it, but all I got was pastel pixel garbage. So I made this instead. Now this looks like the cool, edgy website that it deserves to be. I don't do too much here - I write shitty posts, I try to convert users of my site into Linux users, and I try to make something that is generally aesthetically pleasing. I hope that your visit is pleasant!

If you've come here from Neocities, please note that I have recently bought a domain and that my Neocities site now redirects to my actual website! If you'd like to visit my Neocities profile anyway, go here.

Small note: if you are from Fedi, please send me your personal site if you have one, even if we've never talked at all! I love seeing personal sites.

Yes, this does require JavaScript and cookies to be turned on. I'm sorry.


January 24: New post!

January 11: PLEASE REFRESH WITH CONTROL + F5. You may have to do this on every page on the site. I made a ton of little changes on every section of the site. Full details are viewable here!


Say whatever dummy shit you wanna say.

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