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Hi. I dreamed of having a personal website for ages, so I made one. I worked very hard on it, but all I got was pastel pixel garbage. So I made this instead. Now this looks like the cool, edgy website that it deserves to be. I don't do too much here - I write shitty posts, I try to convert users of my site into Linux users, and I try to make something that is generally aesthetically pleasing. I hope that your visit is pleasant!

If you've come here from Neocities, please note that my Neocities site now redirects to my actual website! If you'd like to visit my Neocities profile anyway, go here.

Small note: if you are from Fedi, please send me your personal site if you have one, even if we've never talked at all! I love seeing personal sites.

Yes, this does require JavaScript and cookies to be turned on. I'm sorry.


January 24: New post!

January 11: PLEASE REFRESH WITH CONTROL + F5. You may have to do this on every page on the site. I made a ton of little changes on every section of the site. Full details are viewable here!


Say whatever dummy shit you wanna say.

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