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hi. I'm cyuu. there used to be some professional, stiff sounding text about hoping you have a nice time, but I think it's lame now so I got rid of it all. I pay 5 dollars a month for this website and I've updated it two times this year and IT'S NOVEMBER. I'm such a perfectionist that it hurts me to watch. I used to care a ton about this site, and I'd barely post on it because I insisted on everything I wrote being of the utmost quality possible. this didn't work. the only thing that I would ever accept was boring, plain, and bland writing. so now my site is entering its unhinged phase where anything flies. and also I make changes live now without checking anything because fuck it all!! the risk keeps me on edge :3

as for what happens on this site: I desperately try to convert you to linux, I write rarely, and I have a few pics too. I couldn't post a lot of the ones I wanted to because they'd all dox me, but what I have up isn't too bad.

there used to be an apology beneath this button because it uses javascript. why? who was this apology to? what was I seeking forgiveness for? this is a statement now. the button needs javascript, which I think is kinda obvious. the site works fine with it disabled, so don't worry.


a full changelog can be found here.

november 25: new post!

november 24: I slept too little and realized that I was the cause of my problems. lots of things updated lol

july 30: I'm alive, I swear. It's totally not been six months or anything. there's a new post!


don't be too silly.

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